About Tzofía

Tzofía lives in us through a shared passion to create something beautiful from the inspirations we encounter in our everyday lives.

We want to celebrate that what makes you unique – to make sure that you feel like your body is nothing else than beautiful.

Every Tzofía garment needs to create a feeling. You know . . . That magical feeling you get when you put on your favorite dress, blouse, or jacket. That rock star feeling! A feeling that makes you believe that YOU can do anything and that YOU are enough! 

It needs to remind every woman of the profound beauty, talent, and raw essence that defines her.

Through Tzofía, we hope to create a legacy that truly betters the world for those around us. Our measure of success focuses on more than the bottom line, we’re dedicated to make a positive impact on lives we touch through this venture.

I follow where my heart leads, finding adventure and turning obstacles into stepping stones. The secret to truly following your heart is never letting fear dictate your footsteps. I never let an opportunity pass to learn something new, to read a book or to spend time in nature. My career started in the corporate world but my passion lead my heart to create beautiful things. After 6 years, I decided to follow my passion and create my own purpose. My analytical skills and business experience ground my search for inspiration.

I Am A Tzofía Woman