Be timelessly Tzofía – a woman who invests in quality, not only because it looks and feels good, but because it guarantees a beautiful future for generations to come.

Reflecting the universality of womanhood, our creators are divergent in their giftings, but they share the pursuit of perfection. Perfection that comes from embracing one’s purpose and challenging one’s limits.

Care Guide

When you find something truly special, you’ll want to treasure it forever. Our Product Care Guides will tell you how to wash and care for those treasured Tzofía pieces to keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Each garment comes with a care label that provides specific instructions, please follow it carefully to best preserve your new Tzofía garments.

Go light on the laundry basket

A little bit of love goes a long way

After you’ve spent a day adventuring in your Tzofía garments don’t immediately exile them to the laundry basket. Hang them out to air dry and do some spot cleaning to keep them in beautiful shape.

Wear your Tzofía garments more than once to preserve them for longer and cut down on your laundry pile to save water. Good for your garments and great for the earth. We call it a win-win!

When the going gets tough, you might want to give your garments a spa-treatment. Our garments love eco-friendly detergent, cold water and a gentle hand wash. After washing, simply shake out the creases and air dry on a flat surface or hanger.


Take care of small mishaps before they become severe

We all want to age gracefully, and our garments are no different. If you love your Tzofía garments a little too much over time, some simple maintenance like replacing a button, patching up a tear or getting a wonky zipper replaced will do the trick.

These small gestures of kindness will ensure that you get to wear your favourites a lot longer!