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Tzofía’s mission is to create Proudly South African Capsule Wardrobe Essentials for women who want to consciously build a wardrobe they love.

Every Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer we create FIVE versatile and elevated essential items you can mix and match to build your ultimate wardrobe. It makes it easier to get dressed in the morning – so that you can cultivate more time for the small joys in life and have more headspace to focus on your priorities – ultimately simplifying your life.


This is us, Jeanelle and Littish, the ladies behind Tzofía. Self-taught designer & photographer.

The name Tzofía is a variation of the more familiar name Sophia. We decided to personify her so that she could become a friend, not only to our closets but also to our community.

In a nutshell, we love beautiful things, be it quality clothing, nature or decor. We cannot resist something that puts a smile on our faces and uplifts our souls. With a burning passion for creating combined with our collective skills, and lives, Tzofía.


Sometimes We Write

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